appygas – An Initiative by GRTgaz Deutschland

In 2017, GRTgaz Deutschland began a project called appygas. The initiative was based on one simple motive: to establish more transparency on the European gas market. As its motto, "The gas market made easy", suggests, appygas‘ goal was to make gas market data accessible to key stakeholders in the market. Their clear and intuitive visualisations deliver this data quickly and efficiently.



FNB and innovation is not a contradiction

Thanks to its many years of experience with pipeline network operators, the appygas team benefits from both gas transport expertise and a very good knowledge of customer needs. A service by experts for experts, the overall concept of the appygas solution is based on reliable data quality. Not only the original data but also the aggregation and reproduction should be accurate and transparent. Here, too, appygas customers rely on the business knowledge of the start-up team. 

Once again appygas is part of a large number of digital initiatives of the company and is also an incentive for innovative behavior among employees.  The agile philosophy disseminated by appygas contributes to the application of modern working methods in the company and benefits internal projects. 


appygas today – Much more than a platform

After two years of positive reviews with the data visualisation platform, appygas now offers tailor-made customer solutions: from data visualisation-focussed product design to custom APIs to agile project management and development, appygas is constantly innovating for its customers. 

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ELEKS Extends its Product Portfolio by Acquiring appygas, A European Gas Market Data Platform

Global software development firm ELEKS has successfully completed the acquisition of a unique digital solution for gas market experts and stakeholders.

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