appygas – A Legacy of Data Literacy

In 2017, GRTgaz Deutschland began a project called appygas. The initiative aimed to establish more transparency on the European gas market,. As its motto, "the gas market made easy," suggests, appygas' goals makes gas market data more accessible to key stakeholders in the market. Their clear and intuitive visualisations deliver this data quickly and efficiently.

In 2022, GRTgaz Deutschland sponsored the successful acquisition of appygas by ELEKS GmbH. Under the stewardship of ELEKS, appygas continues to offer quick and simplified access to the most complex data in the European gas market.



FNB and innovation is not a contradiction

To GRTgaz Deutschland, it is important to have the finger on the pulse of innovations in data management. With Netzmonitor, an internal tool for moderating data related to MEGAL, the organisation allows users to have a global overview of the commercial and physical behaviour along the pipe.


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