Marketing Suspension at VIP France-Germany Entry

The VOLKER regulation expires on March 31, 2024. Pending the extension of this regulation, GRTgaz Deutschland and OGE will suspend the marketing of capacities at the VIP France - Germany Entry from March 30, 2024.

With the VOLKER regulation, the BNetzA has enabled a physical flow of odorized gas from France from October 2022 to March 31, 2024. An extension is supported by the responsible BNetzA Ruling Chamber 9, but is still in consultation.

Due to the pending extension of the legislation, GRTD and OGE have decided to suspend the marketing of gas capacities on the VIP France-Germany in the direction from France to Germany.

We regret this restriction and hope to resume transport soon. As soon as new information is available from the BNetzA, we will inform the market.




A key role in the European gas infrastructure

GRTgaz Deutschland operates an approximately 1,200-kilometer transmission system that transports gas through southern Germany. Our network links the gas infrastructure of the Federal Republic with the networks of our parent company in France and those of the Czech Republic and Austria. In this way, we make a decisive contribution to security of supply in Germany and in Europe. Our team ensures non-discriminatory and transparent network access. Together with other European network operators, we are involved in the development of a transport infrastructure for hydrogen and green gases for the success of the energy transition and the decarbonization of the energy industry.

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Our Network

1.161 km
Pipeline Length
Compressor Stations
353 MW
Total Power
369 TWh
Withdrawn Capacity (2022)


Green gas

In agreement with the Paris Climate Accords, we work together with other network operators to build a transport infrastructure for hydrogen and green gas. Through these actions, we make a significant contribution to a successful energy transition as well as the decarbonisation of the energy industry. 

We work on the technical implementation of this infrastructure and integrate the required political and legal parameters in Europe to ensure this takes place successfully. 

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