GRTgaz Deutschland strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We are dismayed and deeply concerned by the Russian government's military incursion into Ukraine. The situation in which the people of Ukraine now find themselves is staggering and inconceivable.  

As a European company, we stand by fundamental democratic values and our solidarity is with all the people living in Ukraine who have been affected by the war.


GRTgaz Deutschland is part of the system that guarantees security of energy supply in Germany. As such, we will continuously monitor the supply situation in Germany and Europe. Together with the other German network operators and our Market Area Manager Trading Hub Europe, we are working on solutions that will enable us to continue supplying gas to consumers in the event that Russian gas supplies fail.  

Our team shows a distinct cultural diversity. Members of our team have family and friends in Ukraine and Russia. We are all united in the hope that peace and safety can soon be restored to the inhabitants of both countries.


GRTgaz Deutschland calls for bids to provide fuel gas in Q2 + Q3 2022

GRTgaz Deutschland publishes its fuel gas tender for natural gas.

Click below for further information.


On February 22nd, 2022, up to 176 GWh for the period 01.04.2022 to 01.10.2022 (Q2 + Q3 2022) are requested in the fuel gas tender.

Three 10 MW lots with a fixed price are planned as band supply over the entire period (approx. 44 GWh per lot).

GRTgaz Deutschland is also requesting a flex delivery (0-10 MW) with a pricing based on the EGSI (THE) incl. surcharge.

For all delivery quantities, the delivery point is the Virtual Trading Point of the THE market area.

Interested suppliers can find the general terms and conditions as well as the bidding templates (price sheets) for the tender here:

Please also note the pre-qualification requirements for the tender.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr J. Meier-Glotzbach.

Collaborative Press Release

Creos Deutschland and GRTgaz Deutschland intensify cooperation for cross-border hydrogen project mosaHYc

CREOS Deutschland Logo        GRTgaz Deutschland Logo

The transmission system operator (TSO) GRTgaz Deutschland and the regional distribution system operator Creos Deutschland GmbH want to concretize their cooperation for the cross-border hydrogen project Moselle-Saar-Hydrogen-Conversion (mosaHYc).


Following an initial memorandum of understanding, GRTgaz Deutschland now intends to contribute more of its gas industry expertise to the mosaHYc project and intensify its cooperation with Creos Deutschland. As a subsidiary of the French FNB GRTgaz, GRTgaz Deutschland envisions itself as an essential link to French gas transport.

"In Germany, there is already legislation on the hydrogen network. We support our French and Saarland colleagues with our experience from the network development process and the design of capacity products for hydrogen," Nicolas Delaporte, managing director of GRTgaz Deutschland, said, explaining the German TSO's interest in the mosaHYc project. "The Creos Deutschland network is also connected to our Central European Gas Pipeline (MEGAL). There will be an additional connection for hydrogen there in 10 to 20 years,"

"Especially in the cross-border Franco-German context, GRTgaz Deutschland is an important partner for us, alongside GRTgaz in France. We can benefit from the extensive experience of the transmission system operator in Germany and use this for our own network planning for the future in order to build a cross-border hydrogen economy," adds Jens Apelt, Managing Director of Creos Deutschland GmbH. He says this is particularly important in view of the challenges the energy transition poses towards hydrogen and green gases.

In the border area between Saarland, Lorraine and Luxembourg, the gas network operators Creos Deutschland (Homburg) and GRTgaz (Paris) are planning to build and operate a high-pressure network for the transport of green hydrogen. In doing so, they want to make a significant contribution to the goals of the Paris climate agreement. To this end, 70 kilometres of existing natural gas pipelines in Germany and France are to be converted to the promising energy carrier for the start-up phase from 2026. To connect potential hydrogen network users, 30 kilometres of new pipeline will be built in Germany. The mosaHYc project is currently in the selection process of the Important Projects of Common European Interest (ICPEI) for the development of a pan-European hydrogen economy.

In order for the cross-border hydrogen system to emerge, potential grid users and grid operators are pooling their efforts in the Grande Region Hydrogen initiative as a European Economic Interest Grouping (www.grande-region-hydrogen.eu).

About Creos Germany

Creos Deutschland GmbH, headquartered in Homburg-Saar, supplies more than two million people in 340 cities and communities in Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate with its approximately 1,650-kilometre-long high-pressure gas network and its approximately 450-kilometre-long high- and medium-voltage network. The core competencies of Creos Deutschland include the management of energy networks and associated facilities, as well as the optimisation of network infrastructure. Creos Deutschland employs around 180 people. It is part of the Luxembourg-based energy group Encevo S.A.

About GRTgaz Deutschland

GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH is a transmission system operator certified under European law and a wholly owned subsidiary of the French network operator GRTgaz SA. The company operates the MEGAL pipeline system in Germany as a shareholder. This is part of the Trading Hub Europe market area and has bidirectional cross-border points on the borders with the Czech Republic, Austria, and France. MEGAL's system consists of two parallel pipelines with a total length of around 1,200 km, which are operated at up to 100 bar.

Call for data on the pipeline transport of hydrogen

TSOs are calling for data from pipeline infrastructure operators

The transmission system operators (TSOs) call on the operators of line network infrastructures to report existing and specifically planned pipeline systems for the transport of hydrogen for consideration in the hydrogen variant of the gas network development plan (NEP Gas) 2022-2032 and the hydrogen report in accordance with Section 28q EnWG.

Read more (German)


GRTgaz Deutschland calls for bids to provide fuel gas in 2022

GRTgaz Deutschland publishes its fuel gas tender for biomethane and natural gas.

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GRTgaz Deutschland aims to increase its share of biomethane for fuel gas in 2022. Up to 16 lots of 5 GWh each will be awarded in the fuel gas tender on  6 Oct. 2021. The volumes will be used as a climate-neutral addition to the existing fuel gas portfolio.

GRTgaz Deutschland requests a flexible supply tranche (0-40 MWh) for the first quarter of 2022. Pricing is based on the EGSI incl. surcharge.

The delivery point shall be the Virtual Trading Point of  the THE Market Area.

Interested suppliers of natural gas and biomethane can find the general terms and conditions as well as the bidding templates for the respective tender here:

Please also note the prequalification requirements for the tender.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr J. Meier-Glotzbach.


Customer Webinar for Yearly Auctions

On 24.06.2021, we hosted a live webinar to explain important details about yearly auctions. We explained the new products that will become available from 01.10.2021, relevant tariffs, and information on how the implementation of Trading Hub Europe later this year will impact this auction.

In case you missed it, check our YouTube channel or visit this link for an instructional video on the product changes.


Note for the yearly capacity auction - Capacity products with effect from 01.10.2021

Regarding to the merging of the market areas to form the Trading Hub Europe (THE) we would like to inform about the following changes to capacity products before the yearly capacity auction.

These changes will be included in our Supplementary Terms and Conditions and the product data sheet which will be published on 31.07.2021 with effect from 01.10.2021.

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Dynamically allocable capacity (DZK) product at points requiring nomination (transit)

DZK at border crossing points (BCP), virtual interconnection points (VIP) and storage connection points enables network use on a firm basis from a predetermined associated entry point to a specified exit point or from a booked exit point to a predetermined associated entry point. The booked DZK can be used on a firm basis if the corresponding entry and exit capacities are assigned to the same balancing group. For the use on a firm basis, the sufficient use of the booked capacity at the predetermined associated network point is decisive. DZK at BCPs, VIPs and storage connection points are assigned to FZK balancing groups.

The following approved point combinations for the DZK transit product are available:

KASPAR DZK route allocations (xlsx-File)

After the market area merger, existing DZK contracts can be changed to DZK1 contracts by the TSO - the point combinations and product conditions will remain unchanged. Point combinations between different TSOs are possible. Point combinations in which GRTgaz Deutschland entry/exit points are involved will be published on the website of GRTgaz Deutschland in a format agreed between the TSOs.


Conditionally firm freely allocable capacity (bFZK) at virtual interconnection points (VIPs)

From 01.10.2021, we will offer conditionally firm freely allocable capacities only on a temperaturedependent basis at the following VIPs. Under certain temperature conditions. conditionally firm freely allocable capacities are, in principle, both firm and freely allocable within the whole market area and have access to the Virtual Trading Point of THE.

Temperature conditions for the VIPs Oberkappel and Waidhaus:

If the previous day's forecast for the daily average temperature at the metrological station in Essen is greater than zero degrees Celsius, the bFZK capacity becomes interruptible.


Market information on VIP implementation

Based on the market information dated 07.05.2021, the companies Fluxys TENP GmbH (Fluxys TENP), GASCADE Gastransport GmbH (GASCADE), Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH (GUD), GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH, Gastransport Nord GmbH (GTG), ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH, Open Grid Europe GmbH (OGE) and Thyssengas GmbH (TG) provide the following information on the introduction dates for the new VIPs to be formed as a result of the market area merger:

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Overview of new VIPs



TSO(s) involved 

IPs involved 

former VIP(s)

Introduction date

First marketing/ auction


EIC: 21Z012965309364T





Oude Statenzijl (L) (GTG), Oude Statenzijl L (GUD), Elten (OGE), Vreden (OGE), Tegelen (OGE), Haanrade (TG), Zevenaar (TG), Dinxperlo



Day-ahead-Auction on 30.09.2021


EIC: 21Z8273645914289



Ellund (OGE), Ellund (GUD)



Day-ahead-Auction on 30.09.2021


EIC: 21Z102938475601E


Fluxys TENP 



Eynatten-Raeren (OGE), Eynatten (Fluxys TENP), Lichtenbusch (TG), Eynatten (GASCADE),

VIP Belgium - NCG

Expected on 01.04.2022

yet to be defined


EIC: 21Z0019743987060


Fluxys TENP




Oude Statenzijl H (GUD), Bunde (GASCADE), Bocholtz (Fluxys TENP), Bocholtz (OGE), Oude Statenzijl (OGE), Bocholtz-Vetschau (TG),


Expected on 01.04.2022

yet to be defined

Considering the high implementation effort caused by the market area merger on October 1st, 2021, it is not possible to implement all THE-VIPs at the same time. The progressive introduction of the VIPs to be formed is also based on their respective complexity.

Until the introduction of THE-VIPs the marketing of capacities at the existing NCG and GASPOOL VIPs and IPs will be temporarily continued. As soon as the new THE-VIPs are set up, the transport contracts already concluded at the NCG and GASPOOL VIPs and IPs will be transferred to the new THE-VIPs and the relevant VIP-TSOs, as described in the Supplementary Terms and Conditions of the transmission system operators (TSOs).

A consolidation of the VIPs on the border to the Czech Republic is currently not planned. The current VIPs (VIP Brandov-GASPOOL and VIP Waidhaus NCG) will therefore continue to exist beyond the market area merger and will be renamed as VIP Brandov and VIP Waidhaus by October 1st, 2021.


Cycling for a good cause - Every kilometre counts!

This summer, GRTgaz Deutschland is undertaking a cycling challenge. Besides staying physically active, we are using this opportunity to be socially active, too. For every kilometre a member of the GRTgaz Deutschland team rides, we will donate 0,10€ to an organisation promoting social action and sustainability. The motto of our campaign is „L’Allemagne à vélo“, or „Germany by bike“.

Follow along with us as we share tales from the trail and make the summer count towards a more sustainable future. If you are feeling inspired, share your own stories and donations by using the hashtag #LAllemagneAVelo.


Binding network charges published with effect from 01.01.2022 for the new market area Trading Hub Europe (THE)

The network charges for a firm freely allocable capacity with a term of one year amount to 3.51 €/kWh/h/a for the market area THE with effect from 01.01.2022.

The determinations of the Federal Network Agency REGENT-NCG (BK9-18/610-NCG) & REGENT 2021 (BK9-19/610) as well as AMELIE (BK9-18-607) & AMELIE 2021 (BK9-19/607) - which form the basis for the determined charge - are subject to legal proceedings that have not yet been legally concluded.

GRTgaz Deutschland and OGE Go Live

Digital Customer's Days 2021

On May 18 and 19, 2021, GRTgaz Deutschland and OGE collaborated to create the Digital Customer’s Days. Though we could not have e-world this year, we wanted the opportunity to engage with our customers and share important news on the upcoming market merger of THE, updated product information, and current projects and events happening at our TSOs.

In addition to one-on-one customer meetings, we went live to share some introductory remarks, and ended the event with an interactive forum in Gather.town.

To watch the introductory remarks, including words by our managing director Nicolas Delaporte, visit the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXxqG-UqEZE

We look forward to offering more events like this as we commit to a more innovative and digital future.

Mark Your Calendars!

Digital Customer's Days 2021

On 18 & 19 May 2021, we will host our Digital Customer’s Days. The days will include introductory and closing group sessions, as well as one-on-ones that you may schedule with us.

We welcome the chance to connect with you and discuss big topics for this year, including capacity products, new publications, upcoming auctions, Trading Hub Europe, and more.

To receive a link to the group sessions, or to organise a one-on-one, please contact us at smile@grtgaz-deutschland.de. We look forward to welcoming you to the dialogue and engaging on an innovative and collaborative new platform.

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